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Shannon Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

“I did not even recognize her”, “I’m pretty sure she looks different because she had plastic surgery done on her face…completely different nose” are the comment that was given by many people whenever they saw Shannon Miller recent appearance. The former artistic gymnast from Edmond, Oklahoma may has long time hiatus and rarely seen on television. That why in 2009 when she was appeared in front of the public announced the pregnancy, people said that she is almost unrecognizable anymore. Many says then what kind of plastic surgery that been done by her. Then they decide that her nose is the part of her face that makes our beloved gymnast almost unrecognizable.

Shannon Miller Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Shannon Miller Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Actually, this woman never claimed anything about the nose job. But some says that she used to has some accident that breaks her nose bone. Whether it was true or not, some says that it just kind of reason to justify her plastic surgery for the nose job. She used to has bulbous piggy nose and people still remember it so clearly. Her nose looks so wide and big when she was young but they say it makes her innocent and cute. But after her hiatus for a long time and appeared again in front of the people, her nose is definitely changed.

Her nose looks more pinched and the size itself has been transformed to something pinched, smaller and defined. There are no more bulbous nose but it was transformed to smaller and slimmer nose with cramped nasal ala as you can see now. But well cant help that her nose job seems makes her really changed and almost unrecognized anymore.

Shannon Miller nose job may will remain mystery because this woman wont confirmed anything about it. In your opinion, do you think that Shannon Miller has a nose job or not?

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