Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body Measurements

Rose McIver’s Plastic Surgery – What We Know So Far

Boob job, nose job, and botox – there is no shortage of opportunities for plastic surgery. What plastic surgeries has Rose McIver gotten? Sure the actor already looks splendid, which cosmetic surgery measures has she taken?


Rose was born October 10, 1988 in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a famous Australian actress known for her role Summer Landsdown in TV series Power Rangers RPM (2009). In 2002, Rose won TV Guide NZ Television Award for Best Juvenile Actress for Xena Warrior Princess (“Little Problems”) and Visa Entertainment Screen Award Best NZ Actress for The Lovely Bones (2010). In 2015, Rose will be starring Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore on new TV show iZombie.

Plastic Surgery

Which plastic surgery procedures have Rose McIver done? Below we have compiled a list of all known facts about the stars beauty enhancements:

Rose McIver – Plastic Surgery
Nose JobN/A
Boob JobNo
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A

Plastic Surgery Pics

Check out these pictures of Rose McIver. Is there any plastic surgery involved?

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery Body
Congratulations: Rose McIver is beaming with confidence. The actor looks outstanding as ever, and it’s hard to say if cosmetic surgery of any kind is involved.
Rose McIver Cosmetic Surgery Face
What has two eyes, a captivating smile, and looks glorious? Rose McIver does not hesitate to bask in the spotlight.


“I also have a role model back in New Zealand, a woman called Miranda Harcourt. She’s an actress and a writer. Her willingness to stay open to material is really great. I read a lot, and I try to watch and listen to diverse material.”

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsRose McIver

“I’m really fortunate that I am in continuous work and I love what I do. And I think that there’s a reason that it keeps happening. So while that keeps happening, I will be thrilled – and feel lucky – to keep doing it.”

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsRose McIver

“I always think about the settlers who moved to New Zealand in the 1800s. They hadn’t even been to the place before. They just packed their bags and shipped over knowing they’d never see their family again or be able to speak to them – they’d maybe get a letter if they were lucky.”

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsRose McIver

“I had to do a Northern England accent once, and I didn’t have much time, so I went and pored through YouTube. There are all sorts of resources out there. The Internet has made that much more affordable. Don’t break your neck to spend your money.”

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsRose McIver

“I’ve done a lot of drama, and as a lifestyle, going to work and laughing every day is just great. It’s great for your mental health, and it’s great for setting up a nice year.”

Rose McIver Plastic Surgery and Body MeasurementsRose McIver