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Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Being so famous make Rihanna become a subject for many kind rumor from time to time. One of some rumors is plastic surgery rumor, Rihanna rumored has doing the body enhancement through the plastic surgery. There are a lot of speculation about what kind of plastic surgery that she has done. But here, we will only talked about the rumor that this sexy singer has put herself under the surgeon scalpel for the nose job procedure. And it seems that Rihanna herself wont say a word too much regarding the rumor of plastic surgery for nose job procedure.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

The rumor that whisperer Rihanna has had the rhinoplasty actually has blowing long time ago. People says that she has changed too much, from sweet cute girl to be a mature, sexy woman with celebrity face. Including her nose that make her looks changed a little. Rihanna used to has bulbous nose and you can see it from her before and after picture. Look at that large upper nasal cartilage that looks large and wide in before picture. Not only that the nasal bridge also looks rounded and less higher in the previous pictures too.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before and After

But after the time passed, we will see that Rihanna nose looks changed both i its shape and size too. The shape getting smaller because the nasal bridge getting smaller and cramped now. The ala, or upper nasal cartilage looks decreased in its size. And overall, Rihanna new nose looks more defined and refined than before.

Rihanna may never really admitted about anything related to the plastic surgery rumor including the nose job. But actually the nose job make she looks amazing and prettier.

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  • QueenDoll ? March 21, 2018, 10:42

    Bitch that first “before” picture is a more recent photo and the “after” photo is from “Please don’t stop the music,” about 5-6 yrs ago dumb hoe??‍♀️Stop photoshopping her pics cus y’all know damn well she didn’t get any surgery. Y’all just mad cus she naturally beautiful n Black?????❤️

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