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Louis Licari Plastic Surgery Botox, Facelift

Louis Licari plastic surgery has become hot topic to discuss in some forums. A famous hair colorist has rumored undergone plastic surgery to improve appearance. According to the rumor that spreading he has done for botox, facelift and lip surgery. Louis Licari himself denied about the rumor but his before and after pictures shown that… Read More

Debra Messing Plastic Surgery

Debra Messing is a famous American actress who known from many films and television programs. She start the career in 1990's when appeared in television series NYPD Blue. She is 47 now but she still looks good. According to fans and surgeons her good appearance is plastic surgery result. Botox and nose job are the… Read More

Michelle Williams Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Michelle Ingrid Williams or better known as Michelle Williams is an American actress who start the career when role as April Porter in Lassie (1994). She 35 years old now. Her name become more popular in 2010 when starred as Cindy Heller in Blue Valentine. Recently she reported has undergone plastic surgery. According to media… Read More

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery

Minka Kelly is a famous American actress who has good career in Hollywood. She known as an actress who role as Jackie Kennedy in The Buttler (2013). She is 35 years old now, but if you look at her recent appearance she still looks young and attractive. It's why she accused has undergone plastic surgery to… Read More

Adrianne Palicki Plastic Surgery Breast Implant

Adrianne Palicki plastic surgery has become hot topic in media and forums. She has undergone plastic surgery for breast implant. According to some surgeon she has gone under the kitchen through breast implant surgery to improve her appearance. American surgeon Dr. John Di Saia said, “Actress Adrianne Palicki was awarded the role of Wonder Woman in the… Read More

Sarah Silverman Plastic Surgery Botox, Fillers

Everybody agreed that Sarah Silverman still look fabulous in her 45. She looks younger than her real age. The rumor that spreading tells that besides healthy life Sarah Silverman has undergone botox and filler injection to keep her beauty. She conducted boob job (breast implant) also. Sarah Silverman is an American comedian and actress who has good… Read More

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery has become hot discussion in media and forums. The former model has undergone plastic surgery especially nose job and boob job to improve the appearance. Several pictures that spreading proved that the plastic surgery has done successfully on her. She looks better now. Ivanka Trump is the daughter of presidential candidate… Read More

Evangeline Lilly Plastic Surgery Botox

Aging is the biggest enemy for celebrity. They need to looks good in every appearance. All celebrity try to fight against the aging. It's why plastic surgery can't be separated from celebrity life. Recently an actress who accused conducted plastic surgery is Nicole Evangeline Lilly. She rumored has undergone plastic surgery especially botox to keep her… Read More

Elizabeth Banks Plastic Surgery Botox

Plastic surgery rumor can't be separated from celebrity and model. It still become hot news that got many attention from media and fans. Elizabeth Banks is the example of celebrity who accused had gone under the kitchen through surgery procedure. She rumored conducted botox, nose job and breast implant to improve her appearance. Elizabeth Banks… Read More

Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery Botox

Plastic surgery rumor always become the most trending topic in media and forums. Almost all of Hollywood celebrity has become the subject of plastic surgery rumor. Recently an actress who rumored had gone under the kitchen through plastic surgery is Milla Jovovich. She rumored has undergone botox to maintain beauty. Even Milla Jovovich herself never… Read More