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Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery

Nose job surgery or rhinoplasty become the most popular plastic surgery procedure which consumed in South Korea after eyelid surgery. Many Korean celebrity used this procedure to improve her appearance. Recently, famous Korean actress Lee Bo Young rumored has beauty enhancement through plastic surgery especially for nose job to improve her appearance. The rumor strengthened with her before and after pictures which spreading in some forums and internet.

Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery

Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Before got nose job surgery Lee Bo Young has rounded and big nose, but after got special treatment through plastic surgery for nose job or rhinoplasty her nose looks smaller and sharper. In the before after pictures clearly seen that her nose structure has changed. Seems that she got benefit of cosmetic surgery for nose job because her nose looks better than before.

Beside nose job surgery, Lee Bo Young also conducted eyelid surgery. In before pictures seen that her eyes looks narrow as Korean people commonly. But in after pictures seen that her eyes more open and wider than before.

As famous actress Lee Bo Young needs to looks better more and more again. And plastic surgery become her choice to improve her appearance. She’s got the great surgery methods because her newer appearance looks better than before. How about you? She has a better appearance after got surgery procedure?

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