Kelly Hu Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Kelly Hu Plastic Surgery Before and After Rumor


Kelly Hu is an American actress who also known as former fashion model. She won the title of miss USA in 1993. She is not young anymore, she is 48 now. But in recent appearance she still looks good and beautiful. She looks younger and still looks like woman in 40’s. Rumor that spreading said that her good looking is plastic surgery result. She accused undergone plastic surgery for nose job or rhinoplasty.

Kelly Hu Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Kelly Hu Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Kelly Hu Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose job surgery may has done several years ago. Nose job help Kelly to refined her nose looks. The rumor also strengthened with her before and after pictures that spreading in internet and some forums. Kelly Hu herself never give clear statement about the plastic surgery rumor. It’s why the plastic surgery rumor is still debatable.

In newer pictures clearly seen that her nose looks slimmer and smaller than before. Her new nose looks more suitable with her oval face.

Kelly Hu plastic surgery is still debatable. Indeed several pictures that spreading shown that there are a little changing on her. But an actress never give clear statement about surgery rumor. Do you believed that she has undergone plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgery

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