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John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

John Rzeznik is an American Musician and songwriter who better known as the guitarist of Rock Band Goo Goo Dolls. Lately he becomes the subject of plastic surgery procedure. The rumor also strengthened by his before and after pictures. In the pictures seen that his face is changed time after time. If in the past he rumored has done for plastic surgery for rhinoplasty procedure and now he rumored has overdoing botox procedure in his face.

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Before and After

In the picture clearly seen that his face look worse than before. Plastic surgery has botched his face, seems that plastic surgery is the wrong choice for John Rzeznik. Botox is the favorite plastic surgery procedure for American celebrity who wants to stay young forever. John also want it. But it become the disaster after he overdoing on it. His face looks terrible.

Plastic surgery can be the choice for us to improve the appearance if using it wisely, but it become disaster if we use overdoing on it. May John Rzeznik become the unlucky man who can’t get the benefit of plastic surgery because overdoing on it. Plastic surgery botched his face. Seems that his appearance in the past is better than now.

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  • SAA May 6, 2021, 02:50

    He was so beautiful that it made my heart ache just to look at him.
    Why did he do this to his gorgeous face!

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