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Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job


Emma Stone perfect looks put her name as the subject for plastic surgery rumor among media and her fans. The nose job probably the most spotlighted done because many of them believe that Emma Stone nose is the result from nose job or rhinoplasty done. But not few also said that actually her nose is real and not the result of nose job procedure. Well actually it hard to defined whether Emma Stone conducted the nose job or not. But seems that from her before and after picture, we will try to analyze whether its true or not that Emma Stone has had the nose job done.

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

From her before ad after picture, actually its not easy to defined whether Emma Stone has the nose job procedure or not. Seems there are nothing differences until you realize that Emma Stone nose seem reduced in its size and shape. From before pictures, you will see that something large and wide is in the ala or upper nasal cartilage. The tip also loo pointless too but it still suits to Emma Stone face.

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery

Emma Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After

But in after picture, you will understand that the ala or upper nasal cartilage looks more smaller and cramped too, yet the nasal tip getting more pointed. It suits much better for Emma Stone face, and since the result is very subtle it hard for us to defined the plastic surgery rumor for rhinoplasty.
Emma Stone nose in before after actually suit her enough. But in after picture, seems that the new nose make Emma Stone looks much better.

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