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Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job

Draya Michele is a Famous America model who admitted has conducted plastic surgery through boob job to remove her implant. Before breast reduction, Draya Michele has undergone plastic surgery for breast enlargement in 2011  to make her breast look bigger and sexier.

In her twitter account she said, “I’m tired of these boobs making everything look all skanky all the time, flat ass and chested makes clothes look better girls. And take it from me, this fake tidday phase is outta style.” It’s indicated that she feel bored and not comfort with her big boobs.

Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before and After

Breast reduction surgery seen in her recent appearance. Her breast looks more natural now. Before breast reduction, Draya Michele has 32D bra size. And now she has 32A bra size. It looks more suitable for her hourglass body shape. She looks better now.

For some celebrity, breast enlargement really help to improve the appearance. But Draya Michele has different argument, she feel not comfort an bored with her big breast size. And breast reduction surgery become her choice to make her breast size looks more natural. Beside looks more natural, her new breast size also looks more suitable with her body measurements. She looks better than before.

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