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Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures


Everyone said that Dana Delany plastic surgery decision seems didn’t working well on her. She admitted that has conducted plastic surgery procedure for botox injection. Dana Delany even said that she is really regretting the bad botox because it makes her eyes looks so droopy. Well, actually her plastic surgery for botox isn’t too worst, I means she hasn’t botched her face yet through the botox procedure. Lucky for her because Dana Delany realize the bad effects of overdoing plastic surgery for botox very soon.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Botox

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Botox Before and After

Actually, by looking at Dana Delany before and after plastic surgery for botox, there are not much differences there. At first glance, seems that the botox working well on her. But you can tell here that Dana Delany has too tight and unnaturally toned facial skin as the indication of overdoing botox procedure. Not only that to the media, she said that her eyes looks so droopy horribly because she is bit overdoing the botox procedure. In other hand, botox actually help Dana Delany to maintain the forehead from the frown yet abolish the laugh lines and crows feet too. But well the droopy eyes is really make Dana Delany regretting botox very much.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before and After

Actually, Dana Delany is still lucky because she is realize the bad effects of overdoing botox since early. And of course even her eyes seems droopy after the botox procedure, she hasn’t botched her face yet. Overall She looks good now.

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