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Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Really, even just a single procedure like nose job or rhinopalsty could changed someone faces so drastically. It can be seen from the case of singer Alicia Keys facial appearance. Its been a long time that she has rumored put herself under the knife for plastic surgery procedure especially the nose job surgery. People may predicted that Alicia Keys has the rhinoplasty before she rise to stardom by launched her debut album, Songs in A Minor in last 2001. But many people agrees that Alicia Keys plastic surgery for nose job is looking good and suits her very much.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Nose Job BEfore and After

In before and after picture, you will noticed that Alicia Keys nose seems looks more defied and refined and symmetrical. overall this nose is suits to Alicia Keys face, make her sweeter and prettier as today. Actually you can tell that she used to has bit bulbous nose with fatty condition in the nasal bridge yet the upper nasal cartilage seems but wider too.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After

You may also seen that the tip is pointless and not too rounded as today. But in after picture, you will see that Alicia Keys nose getting thinner, smaller, well defined and more up turned today. The nasal bride getting slimmer yet the upper nasal cartilage seems getting cramped too. Not only that, the biggest differences can be seen in the tip area that looks more pointed and rounded this day.

As I said before, Alicia Keys looks prettier and amazing with he new nose after the rhinoplasty procedure. And seems that everyone agrees that Alicia Keys got so much advantages from that nose job procedure.

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  • Jay Pharaoh February 18, 2015, 02:09

    She prettier now becuz of the nose job? Really? She was just as beautiful before the nose job..she appears the same to me she didn’t need the nose job to enhance her appearance, if that’s the reason of which we don’t actually know why she opt for the nose job. .

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